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anoiksi housing estate2

Complex Technical Features

The architectural design of the houses match perfectly with the natural beauty of the area. Luxurious materials, high aesthetic ceramic roofing and unique landscape design complete the houses. Our experience in constructions and the reliability of LT GROUP create a luxurious and welcoming residential environment.

The houses are free-standing and the distances from the neighboring houses ensure independence and privacy. Each house is constructed in an autonomous plot of 400sqm surface or more. They all have panoramic view over the area and are developed in 1 or 2 levels. They feature:

  • auxiliary and semi-open spaces,
  • porches,
  • private garden,
  • two parking spaces each
  • pool (in some cases)

The first level of a two-storey house features the main entrance, a kitchen, living room with fireplace, guesthouse, WC, as well as storage and service areas. The second level features the master bedroom, two or three additional bedrooms and one or more bathrooms. Outside there is a garden with direct access from the interior via the balcony doors.
The single-family houses are developed in the ground level and create a unique relation between the interior with the exterior spaces. Two building volumes are hosting the communal and the private uses. The bright living room with a fireplace, the dining room and the kitchen occupy the first building volume. Two spacious bedrooms, the master bedroom with its own wc, the bathroom and the storage room are located on the second building volume, providing isolation and privacy. Furthermore, the applied Building Regulations permit the possibility of a future second floor addition.

The roofing of the house is a high quality tile construction and thereby results in the optimum adaptation of the building with its surroundings.
The houses are constructed using the most reliable and modern technology and come with luxurious materials in the floors, bathrooms, kitchens, windows, fireplace and with special landscape design of the outdoor garden.

Sustainability is a major factor regarding the architectural design. The house is designed with north-southern orientation ensuring energy independence as a passive bioclimatic system. The doors and windows of the building provide natural ventilation throughout the year, while their position in different altitudinal levels favors natural cooling during the summer. Horizontal and vertical canopies on the south side of the building create comfortable lighting conditions and natural shade during the summer months. Towards the energy saving and the autonomy of the house, there is a possibility of installing photovoltaic panels on the south oriented side of the roof, which is sufficient to meet the energy needs of a four member family.
The houses can facilitate the installation of innovative systems and functions such as:

  1. Lighting Control
  2. Heating system Control
  3. Water supply Control
  4. Power supply Control
  5. Shading systems Control
  6. Security system, surveillance and monitoring cameras
  7. Managing all the functions from single one control panel or remote control, mobile phone or Internet.