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The Company History


Our company, LT GROUP. is located in the city of Larisa since 1982. At that time LT GROUP was mainly involved in the production of aggregates and asphalt. Throughout these years LT GROUP  focuses primarily in the construction of public or private works, commercial buildings, housing complexes and urban development.

Since 1990 the company is specialized in the production of ready-mixed concrete, owning two fully automated and equipped concrete production units. The first one is located in the center of Larisa (Agia Marina area), while the second one in Giannouli.

In September of 2008, we launched a reinforced steel processing unit, fully automated by MEP Company (Italy).

This new processing unit is installed in a building of 1800sqm and has the facility to produce 100 tons of steel per day.

In 2010 our company launched the production of an original American product of prefabricated concrete walls.

Best Regards,
Behlivanis Athanasios,
Director Consultant