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anoiksi housing estate2

Construction Steel

Construction Steel

Concrete Reinforcing Steel

"Absolute confidence"

New steel processing facilities 1800sqm.

8th km. Larissa - Tyrnavos


New antiseismic stirrups "LT GROUP STEEL"

A unique combination of security, speed and economy according to the Greek legislation K.T.CH. (Gov. Gaz. 381 / B / 24.3.2000) and in accordance with the EKOS 2000.

  • Fully automated production line that ensures the consistent high quality of the final product.
  • Customizable to any static requirements (length, densification, stirrup complexity).
  • After the installation and the concrete casting, the construction (stirrup position) is absolutely stable.
  • Ability of 8mm - 16mm B500C stirrup production.
  • With the use of the new antiseismic reinforcement "LT GROUP STEEL", the ironing time is reduced up to 50%.
  • Industrialized production with the modern production equipment and the qualified staff of our company.
  • High production capacity.

LT GROUP undertakes both the construction and the transportation to the site.

Major projects:
  • Tunnel Tempe
  • IKEA Thessaly
  • IASO Thessaly